Frequently Asked Questions about my business

Is it an issue if you never worked at a venue before?

Not at all. As a professional i am very confident in my skills to show up anywhere, in any situation and with any kind of light and not worry about creativity. You will find a list of venues that i have worked in before on my Locations page if you would like to check that out.

Whats your style?

Modern, creative & fun. While i approach most of the day with a documentary style i am always looking for a creative angle or a play on light. Bright, airy and colourful come to mind a lot, while i also look for classic and strong moments in black & white. Be sure to follow my Instagram to see up to date work.

Do you take posed family photos?

Yes, normally straight after the ceremony while all the family is together. This wont take long once the family are told who`s in what photos and to stay after the ceremony.

Do you offer video?

No, but i have a recommended list of top videographers who all vary in style who i work with a lot throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver my photos and how many will i receive?

Once your photos are ready i will upload them to your personal online gallery where you can download, print and share with family and friends. Every wedding day is different as you know but i roughly deliver between 500-700 photos 8-12 weeks after the wedding day.

Do i get all the RAW files from the wedding day?

No as this is only a half complete job, the magic is in the editing. Once i have finished all the editing and am happy with the finished product, i will then deliver the final photos.

How do you store/backup my photos?

When i shoot a wedding my cameras have duel card slots, this means every single photo i take ends up on two memory cards in my camera so straight away i have a double backup. When i get home from a wedding i upload these cards to my computer and two different external hard drives giving me three copies of your wedding. Once all editing is complete i update my hard drives with your completed wedding, upload your copy to the online gallery and then upload another copy offsite and away from my office. I will always have multiple copies of your wedding.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, of course. I am fully insured for all circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a contract?

Yes i do. It outlines all the what if`s and all the legal stuff.

We are only having a small wedding, whats the best price you can offer?

Small weddings are great but it still requires the same amount of time and effort and in the interest of fairness to all my couples i do not deviate from my price list.

When should we book you?

At least 12-18 months in advance as popular dates always fill up fast. But i just might still have your date free so please use the contact me page to check availability.

We like what we see, whats the next step in booking?

First off fill out the contact me page and i will check availability and get back to you. Then its a €250 booking fee to secure the date and once the contract is signed im all your`s.