Tony Clancy Photography

Hello, thanks for visiting my website and congrats on your recent engagement. I hope your search for the right wedding suppliers is coming along nicely and things are starting to fall into place for the big day. So what`s next, wedding photography.

Let me tell you a bit about me, Tony Clancy Photography.

I have been working in the wedding industry for over ten years now. Based in Limerick i have been covering weddings all over the country and telling lots of couples stories through my camera and my photography. Producing top quality images while working in the background and letting your day happen naturally.

I am a documentary style wedding photographer with a natural approach to your day and experience over the years has thought me to always have my eyes open for small meaningful moments that tell big stories. So weddings truly are a passion of mine and i strive to create, not just photos but memories and pieces of art for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

Wedding days are filled with so many emotions and i`d be lying if i said i didn`t get emotionally involved myself. And i think you have to in this job to understand the moments that will unfold throughout the day. Having a daughter myself recently has really added to this and i have shed a few tears behind the camera at the father of the brides speech at recent weddings.

So i can imagine you have lots of questions regarding photography style, where i cover, what hotels i work at the most and whats included in the wedding packages. So if you head over to my FAQ page or my Locations page you will find out more info about Tony Clancy Photography.